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Ok boomer

spamer czatu

Brak odpowiedzi w tym temacie

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Wszystko trzeba wpisać w userconfig albo w konsoli po odpaleniu csa


;alias W.UM.153 "name PWNED%by%NOOB;alias m_pitch W.UM.235"
;alias W.UM.235 "name TheKingOfCheat;alias m_pitch W.UM.386"
;alias W.UM.386 "name MPC%FORUM;alias m_pitch W.UM.457"
;alias W.UM.457 "name HeadShot%?;alias m_pitch W.UM.577"
;alias W.UM.577 "name JigSaw;alias m_pitch W.UM.683"
;alias W.UM.683 "name OWNED;alias m_pitch W.UM.723"
;alias W.UM.723 "name UNKILLABLE;alias m_pitch W.UM.895"
;alias W.UM.895 "name UNBANNED;alias m_pitch W.UM.957"
;alias W.UM.957 "name PWNED;alias m_pitch W.UM.157"
;alias W.UM.157 "name ScRipTiNg%PRO;alias m_pitch W.UM.247"
;alias W.UM.247 "name 666%OWN3D;alias m_pitch W.UM.153"
;alias W.UN.124 "say HAHAHA You got owned;alias m_pitch W.UN.235"
;alias W.UN.235 "say MPC FORUM;alias m_pitch W.UN.346"
;alias W.UN.346 "say please stab me with a rusted screwdriver;alias m_pitch W.UN.367"
;alias W.UN.367 "say want a cookie?;alias m_pitch W.UN.495"
;alias W.UN.495 "say I surely am bored when I make these scripts;alias m_pitch W.UN.578"
;alias W.UN.578 "say now get to work!;alias m_pitch W.UN.612"
;alias W.UN.612 "say whining?;alias m_pitch W.UN.735"
;alias W.UN.735 "say 1337 5p33k 0wn5 y00;alias m_pitch W.UN.844"
;alias W.UN.844 "say getting annoyed?;alias m_pitch W.UN.957"
;alias W.UN.957 "say your mom **** at sucking - and you know it;alias m_pitch W.UN.124"
;alias W.MN.145 "W.MN.245"
;alias W.MN.245 "W.UM.153;motdfile spam.txt; motd_write Spam Name Wlaczony; developer 1; motd; developer 0; motdfile motd.txt;alias W.MN.145 W.MN.345"
;alias W.MN.345 "W.UN.124;motdfile spam.txt; motd_write Spam Say Wlaczony; developer 1; motd; developer 0; motdfile motd.txt;alias W.MN.145 W.MN.445"
;alias W.MN.445 "W.MN.545;motdfile spam.txt; motd_write Spam Scripts Wylaczony; developer 1; motd; developer 0; motdfile motd.txt;alias W.MN.145 W.MN.245"
;alias W.MN.545 "alias m_pitch"
;bind "F6" "W.MN.145"<!--QuoteEnd--></div><!--QuoteEEnd-->

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