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  1. Description: It's a simple map really, it focuses on the normal axis of AWP_ maps, with a platform in the middle and boxes for cover. But here's the detail, I based it on a map where the enclosure of basic walls is not shown, perhaps something more modern like the cs2 maps, where you can see how the background is not a SKY they are structures that obviously cannot be traversed, and this gives it a wealth of details. The lighting of the sun was tested several times obtaining the best result, a slight light that points to the side of the map, giving a nice detail. There were no drops in fps, the wpolys in head-to-head confrontation, that is, no less than a few meters showed between 150 to 290. And by far only 1200, which is very good, so you should have no problem filling the map and playing it. For more information or to report a problem please contact I uploaded several screenshots for you to observe, 100% playable map Download: Awp_DesertVillage 2024 [Counter-Strike 1.6] [Mods] (gamebanana.com)